Analysis of Plunger Safe Rise Velocity in Sulige Gas Field

  • Jie SongEmail author
  • Faguo Tian
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Sulige gas field is the low-medium pressure gathering and transportation mode; based on the limit pressure of the gas gathering pipeline, this paper analyzes the reasonable safe rise speed range of the plunger and liquid in tubing. First, the limit pressure is set at 5 MPa when plunger reaches the surface. Then, by using the impulse model and the Bernoulli equation, the maximum rise velocity of the plunger and liquid in tubing can be calculated and a line chart is presented which corresponds to the relationship between velocity and pressure of plunger and liquid. Finally, the speed range will be checked in the line chart. The plunger and different heights of liquid column correspond to different reasonable speed ranges; for a plunger and 100 m liquid column, the best speed is in a range between 328 ft/min and 984 ft/min in the 27/8” tubing. In the line chart, it can be found that different heights of liquid do obvious influence on limit speed. In order to obtain a reasonable safe rise speed range of plunger and liquid in tubing, the liquid column height above the plunger must be tested first. In this paper, the safe rise speed of the plunger and liquid is the first time proposed for low-medium pressure gathering and transportation mode in Sulige gas field. The operation characteristics of the plunger are analyzed by plotting the relationship between the velocity and pressure of the plunger and liquid.


Sulige gas field Low-medium pressure Plunger lift Safe rise velocity 


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  1. 1.Changqing Sulige Gas Field Research Center, CNPCBeijingChina
  2. 2.National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration  and Development of Low Permeability Oil and Gas Fields, CNPCBeijingChina

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