A Water Plugging Agent of High Temperature and Low Permeability Reservoirs

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A novel water plugging agent with gelatinous polymer cross-linked in high temperature and low permeability reservoirs was studied in our laboratory. The ingredients used to make the water plugging agent were a polymer monomer, a cross-linker, and other compounds. All the components can be mixed in water easily. At normal temperature, the solution of the water plugging agent can be stable for months. The viscosity of the solution is less than 10 mPa s, which is easy to be injected deep into the low permeability reservoir. On-line injection of the single liquid method can be realized in the process of a site application. At high temperature, 120 degrees centigrade or above, the solution can be cross-linked in several hours and produce a high tensile strength gel. When the solution is injected into high-temperature reservoirs, a cross-linking reaction can occur. The cross-linking product can be used as a water plugging agent in the interest interval to control water. Some experiments of the gel were carried out in our laboratory, such as rheological test, spectrometric analysis, electron microscopy scanning, and so on. The displacement experiments of natural cores were carried out too.


Low permeability Water plugging agent Cross-linking reaction Gel Core displacement 


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