Charter and Organization of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

  • Mei Ju-ao


Following a general description of the Tokyo Tribunal in Chap.  1, in Chap.  2 the Tokyo Charter and the organizing of the Tokyo Tribunal are introduced, showing us where the Trial takes place and the physical circumstances, who the judges and the President of the Tribunal were, how they were selected, and what the International Prosecution Section was and what their responsibilities were. However, the author’s criticism is not hidden regarding the arrangements of Japanese and American counsels for each war criminal and of their unscrupulous behaviors before the Tribunal. The author then continues to introduce the Tribunal’s administrative personnel and their responsibilities during the Trial, such as the Clerk, the Language Section, Language Arbitration Board, the Administrative Management Department, Marshal of the Court, and the Provost Marshal. All his narrations are reinforced by his understanding of the charters and the discrepancies between the civil law and common law traditions.

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