Structural Aspects of Betaherpesvirus-Encoded Proteins

  • Mitsuhiro NishimuraEmail author
  • Yasuko Mori
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1045)


Betaherpesvirus possesses a large genome DNA with a lot of open reading frames, indicating abundance in the variety of viral protein factors. Because the complicated pathogenicity of herpesvirus reflects the combined functions of these factors, analyses of individual proteins are the fundamental steps to comprehensively understand about the viral life cycle and the pathogenicity. In this chapter, structural aspects of the betaherpesvirus-encoded proteins are introduced. Betaherpesvirus-encoded proteins of which structural information is available were summarized and subcategorized into capsid proteins, tegument proteins, nuclear egress complex proteins, envelope glycoproteins, enzymes, and immune-modulating factors. Structure of capsid proteins are analyzed in capsid by electron cryomicroscopy at quasi-atomic resolution. Structural information of teguments is limited, but a recent crystallographic analysis of an essential tegument protein of human herpesvirus 6B is introduced. As for the envelope glycoproteins, crystallographic analysis of glycoprotein gB has been done, revealing the fine-tuned structure and the distribution of its antigenic domains. gH/gL structure of betaherpesvirus is not available yet, but the overall shape and the spatial arrangement of the accessory proteins are analyzed by electron microscopy. Nuclear egress complex was analyzed from the structural perspective in 2015, with the structural analysis of cytomegalovirus UL50/UL53. The category “enzymes” includes the viral protease, DNA polymerase and terminase for which crystallographic analyses have been done. The immune-modulating factors are viral ligands or receptors for immune regulating factors of host immune cells, and their communications with host immune molecules are demonstrated in the aspect of molecular structure.


Betaherpesvirus Protein structure X-ray crystallography Electron cryomicroscopy Capsid Tegument Glycoprotein Immune modulation 


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