Towards the Relaxation of Regulations on Minpaku in Japan

  • Kumiko Tomikawa


A proliferation of Internet minpaku sites, leading to a conspicuous increase in the number of users in Japan, has focused attention on the issue of minpaku, because the conditions of this type of renting may violate Japan’s Hotel Business Act. Discussion of the relaxation of regulations on minpaku has proceeded in response to a shortage of hotel rooms and the need to attract overseas visitors. The relaxation of regulations on farm stays in Japan and short-term accommodation in the USA and Europe can serve as references for the relaxation of regulations. Two additional points must be considered in future initiatives towards the relaxation of regulations on minpaku in Japan: the formulation of independent bylaws in regional areas, and the promotion of internal tourism.


Minpaku Regulations Relaxation Tourism 

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  • Kumiko Tomikawa
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  1. 1.The Faculty of Commercial SciencesHiroshima Shudo UniversityHiroshimaJapan

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