Agricultural Policy: Supporting the New Developments in Japan’s Agriculture

  • Masayoshi Honma


Japan’s agriculture is changing both in the field and in policy terms. The first change is the development of new farm activities and a system of distribution of agricultural products, and the other is the breaking up of the “iron triangle” which has been the foundation of Japan’s agricultural policy to date.

In the field, managers practicing advanced agricultural management are beginning to appear. But the creation of food value chains based on “market in” strategies is lagging behind, and is being impeded by Japan’s distribution system.

Japan’s Agricultural Cooperatives (JAs) are the institutions behind the distribution problems. The Abe administration is working to break up the “iron triangle” which includes JAs, but the process is still underway. Further reform is desirable.


Agricultural policy Food chain Market in Liberal Democratic Party Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Agricultural Cooperatives “iron triangle” Agricultural Cooperative reform Abe administration Council for Regulatory Reform 


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