Korean Diaspora and the Moebius Strip: Sung Rno’s Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen and Transnational Avant-Garde Theater

  • Esther Kim Lee


This chapter discusses the production of Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen. The play, written by Korean American playwright Sung Rno, was directed by American director Lee Breuer and produced in Seoul, Korea in 2000. Sung Rno presents a surrealistic play inspired by translations of the poems by Yi Sang, a Korean poet who died in 1937. The production was heralded as a meaningful coming together of three experimental artists of different generations and backgrounds. From Korean American’s perspective, Lee examines the production in the context of Korean as well as transnational avant-garde theater, where Sung Rno creates a theatrical imagination of modern Korea through linguistic and visual poetry onstage.


Diaspora Avant-Garde Colonialism Transnationalism Korea 

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