Beyond Substance: Grammar, Syntax and Style

  • Usha Raman


That description, written 80 years ago, sums up just what is expected of medical or scientific writing. The purpose of scientific writing is to promote understanding, to explain method and to provide a logically constructed pathway to a certain conclusion. Scientific writing is not only an art but also a craft—and one that needs much care. Its objective is to reduce the writing to its bare bones rather than clothe it with impressive language.


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Suggested Reading

  1. For a comprehensive discussion on style, word usage and other confusing issues related to academic writing, see
  2. Strunk W Jr, White EB. The elements of style. 4th ed: Longman; 1999.Google Scholar
  3. The Council of Science Editors ( links to a number of useful sites on grammar, style, scientific format and publication ethics.

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