Neoadjuvant Therapy Prior to Radical Prostatectomy

  • Se Young Choi
  • Choung Soo KimEmail author


The terminology “neoadjuvant” stemmed from Greek “neos” that means new or before and the Latin language “adjuvāre” that means help or aid. Neoadjuvant therapy is the application of systemic care before operation or radiotherapy. Neoadjuvant therapy has some benefits in several tumors such as the bladder, testis, breast, colon, and lung. Conceptually, neoadjuvant therapy may decrease the size of the tumor before surgery or eliminate concealed micrometastases. In cases of neoadjuvant therapy before radiation therapy, shrinkage of the tumor is able to localize the site of the target with optimal doses while decreasing radiation exposure to surrounding normal tissue.


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