Government Procurement in TPP and its Implications for China’s GPA Accession Negotiation

  • Xinquan TuEmail author
  • Na Sun
Part of the Economics, Law, and Institutions in Asia Pacific book series (ELIAP)


As other FTAs’ led by the United States, government procurement is covered by the TPP. By displaying the core rules and principles of government procurement in TPP in by comparison with those in the GPA and in the related bilateral agreements, the paper is trying to find to what extent the openness landscape has been changed. Following this, several key issues or obstacles are discussed by reviewing China’s ongoing GPA accession negotiation started in 2007. The point is whether those changes made by TPP will make any difference to those key issues and produce an effect on the currently stagnated talks.


Government procurement Agreement on Government Procurement GPA TPP GPA accession of China WTO 

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