Fault Detection and Classification on Distribution Line with Penetration of DFIG-Driven Wind Farm Using Fuzzy System

  • Anamika YadavEmail author
  • Chitrarth Rangari
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 77)


This paper describes fault detection and classification scheme for protection of doubly feeded distribution line using fuzzy logic system with penetration of the wind farm driven by doubly fed induction generator. The simulation study of doubly feeded distribution line system consists of 120-kV, 60-Hz source and 9-MW wind farm connected to distribution line of 30 km length, which is modelled using pi block in Simulink toolbox of MATLAB 2013a. The proposed method has been exhaustively examined with large variety of fault situations with different fault parameters like all ten types of fault, fault inception angle and fault location. The proposed scheme also identifies the evolving fault and classifies the faulty phase(s) as well. Simulation study shows that the developed scheme works accurately for huge number of fault cases with half cycle detection time.


Fault detection Fault classification Wind farm Fuzzy system Distribution line 


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