Beyond Cosmopolitanism: An Invitation to Adventure of Ideas and Multiverse of Transformations

  • Ananta Kumar Giri


Cosmopolitanism is an epochal challenge of our times in thought and practice. But the current discourses of it, like many discourses of our times, are primarily Euro-American and parochial. In this context, Beyond Cosmopolitanism: Towards Planetary Transformations presents us probably for the first time a globally embracing view of cosmopolitanism building upon multiple traditions of humanity. It goes beyond the dominant Eurocentric conception of cosmopolitanism which traces its roots to Greek Stoic and Kantian heritages as citizen of the world and engages itself with multiple trajectories and conceptions of being cosmopolitan in our world such as in the Indic traditions where to be cosmopolitan is to realize oneself as a member of the family of Earth—Vasudheiba Kutumbakam—and in the Chinese tradition being one and all under heaven—Tian Xia. Beyond Cosmopolitanism: Towards Planetary Transformations goes beyond East and West, North and South, and offers planetary conversations about cosmopolitization, bringing together the thoughts of Confucius, Buddha, Kant, Steiner, Gandhi, Tolstoy, Habermas, Nussbaum and many others. It also presents a complex history of cosmopolitanism and its entanglement with colonialism and contemporary structures of inequality.


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