Look (Act) East Policy and Northeast India: Challenges and Opportunities in Building Strategic Partnerships—The Way Forward

  • Sudhir Devare


India’s strategic engagement in the Asia Pacific region is no doubt influenced by the geopolitics in the region; however, the policy of intensified interaction with the countries of the East is not purely reactive. On the backdrop of the U.S proposal of ‘Pivot to Asia’ and the Chinese project of ‘One Belt One Road (OBOR)’ in which the two major powers in the region aim at strengthening their respective influence, India’s Look (Act) East Policy seeks to establish cooperative security, both strategic as well as socio-economic in its immediate and extended neighbourhood. The strategic picture in the Asia-Pacific can directly or indirectly impact on the security situation in India’s Northeast as the latter shares borders with a number of foreign countries.


Multilateral Asia-Pacific Maritime Strategic ASEAN Northeast 

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