China’s Twenty-First Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative and South Asia: Political and Economic Contours, Challenges, and Conundrums

  • Jean-Marc F. Blanchard
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Asia-Pacific Political Economy book series (PASTAPPE)


This introduction consists of two key parts. The first provides background information on China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and delves into its goals and the obstacles China faces in realizing them. The second summarizes the book’s chapters and their findings. The first part demonstrates that the MSRI has numerous economic and political purposes at the national and subnational level, that China faces numerous daunting challenges, and that nonstate actors are an important part of the story. Summarizing the chapters, the introduction makes clear MSRI generated economic stimuli may not have positive political consequences, that observers of the MSRI need to pay attention to economic actors and issues and that we can be calm now about the MSRI’s potentially transformative effects. Finally, it demonstrates it is vital for China to bring India onboard to realize the MSRI’s full potential and that the MSRI will create many business and economic opportunities and challenges.


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