Fungal Inulinolytic Enzymes: A Current Appraisal

  • Hemant Kumar Rawat
  • Hemant Soni
  • Naveen KangoEmail author


Inulinolytic enzymes produced by molds and yeasts have many applications. Inulin is being looked upon as an abundant and renewable source of fructose, a low-calorie sweetener, and a readily fermentable substrate. Inulin can be exploited at industrial scale for generation of high-fructose syrup (HFS) using fungal exoinulinases and may also be selectively hydrolyzed using endoinulinase for generation of prebiotic inulooligosaccharides (IOS). Some members of Aspergilli, Penicillia, and a yeast, Kluyveromyces marxianus, are known as potential producers of inulin-hydrolyzing enzymes; however, recently, it has been characterized from extremophilic and marine-derived microorganisms as well. Inulinases find applications in nutraceutical, feed, pharmaceutical, and biofuel industries. This chapter discusses production, molecular aspects, and biotechnological applications of inulinases.


Exoinulinase Endoinulinase Fungi Yeast Inulin Fructose 


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