Yeast Genome Sequencing: Basic Biology, Human Biology, and Biotechnology

  • Krishna Kant SharmaEmail author


Whole-genome sequencing of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is one of the milestones of genome research which complemented the understanding in basic biology and expanded the field of yeast biotechnology. It was the first fungus as well as first eukaryote used for reverse genetic experiments, which created consensus among research community to sequence the whole genome, followed by the creation of species-specific database, thus further sustaining and strengthening the status of model organism. Thereafter, the successive completion of genome sequencing of fission yeast, i.e., Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Neurospora crassa, a genetic model, created a revolution in the genome biology of non-filamentous fungi. Further, in very less time, a significant number of yeast genomes have been sequenced, annotated, and released in public domain. Genome-sequencing program provides enormous data on genes, proteins, and metabolic pathways within the fungal kingdom, thereby helping in solving the long awaited problems of the medical science, ecological science, bioenergy, and several fermentation and enzyme-based biotech industries. Interestingly, yeast genomics have great potential in understanding human health, developing novel drugs, and harvesting stored energy from lignocellulosic substrate. With the significant rise in sequenced yeast genomes, the knowledge of genes encoding proteins, antibiotics, enzymes, metabolites, and their pathways has increased exponentially. Till date, over hundreds of genome sequences of several strains of domesticated and wild yeast are available in public domain; however, not a single review inclusively on the basic and applied aspects of yeast genome has appeared. This chapter is an attempt to review the significance of yeast genome-sequencing information in basic biology and biotechnology.


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I sincerely acknowledge Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, for providing basic infrastructure facilities. Financial support to the laboratory from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, and Department of Science and Technology (DST-SERB), New Delhi, during the writing of this chapter is also acknowledged.


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