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Benign Tumors

  • Yang-Guk ChungEmail author


Various benign bone and soft tissue tumors can arise in the hand and thumb. The hand and thumb have complex and diverse anatomic and functional characteristics. Consideration of those characteristics is important for proper management of tumors in this region. The majority of benign tumors arising in the hand or thumb are ganglion cysts, epidermoid inclusion cysts, giant cell tumors of tendon sheath, enchondromas, and the palmar nodules of Dupuytren’s contracture. Because some malignant tumors may have benign appearances or growth behaviors, the surgeons always consider the possibility of malignant lesions in managing processes even for benign-looking lesions.

Here I will describe the clinical characteristics, evaluation and staging systems, managing methods, and prognosis of benign bone and soft tissue tumors in the hand and thumb region.


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