Xi Jinping’s Outline About the Strategy for Improving China’s Cultural Soft Power

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At the time when Comrade Xi Jinping took over as General Secretary in 2012, China was facing a series of domestic and international conflicts, problems, and challenges: slower economic growth, corruption scandals, terrorist attacks and so on. Internationally, it was quite clear that the Asia-Pacific re-balancing strategy aimed at China, and that the USA was encouraging Japan and the coastal countries in the South China Sea to stir up trouble in the South China Sea Area and the Diaoyu Islands, encroaching China’s sovereignty and making it difficult to build new-style relations between the United States and China. Despite so many affairs domestic and foreign and such an arduous task of governing the country, Xi still spared no effort to point up the importance of culture, and has drawn an outline of enormous significance for strengthening China by cultural means with the soul being the core values, the root being the excellent traditional culture, and the foundation being the cultural soft power under the leadership of the CPC.


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