Heretics in the Pulpit

  • Leigh T. I. Penman


The fallout from the contestation of the heresy of chiliasm within Lutheranism is treated in this chapter, which examines the cases of several Lutheran clerics who promoted expectations of a felicitous apocalyptic future. Their cases demonstrate that optimistic apocalypticism could appeal to clerics as well as lay Lutherans. The circulation of these expectations by clerics confuses any attempt to dismiss chiliastic heresy as a manifestation of a theologically-uninformed populace. Indeed, the sad case of the Danzig preacher Hermann Rahtmann demonstrates that attempts by Lutherans to articulate blanket or unspecific definitions of chiliasm could lead to the creation of heretics even where they did not exist.


Hermann Rahtmann Theologians Heresy Millenarianism Antinomianism 

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