Perioperative Management in Microsurgical Orthopaedics

  • Yong-Qing XuEmail author
  • Yue-Liang Zhu


Microsurgery techniques are being applied to an expanding range of orthopaedic problems. The success of microsurgical surgery depends not only on the operation, but also on the proper management of the perioperative period. If we only pay attention to intra-operative operation and neglect the preparation of perioperative period, these practices may cause surgical failures. Such lessons are common occurrences in the operating room. Therefore, as a microsurgeon, you must correctly grasp the surgical indications as well as the skillful surgical ability. More importantly, you should deal with the related issues during the perioperative period. This chapter deals with perioperative management in microsurgery for replantation, repair of vessels and nerves, and flap transfer.


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