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The farming or peasant family has long been analyzed as belonging to a localized community. However, this type of analysis undervalues or ignores long-term labour migration intended to balance and complement farming practices, as well as its decisive role in rural livelihoods. The work of Hubscher (1985), Duroux (1985) and Corbin (1971) have focused in particular on these ‘pluriactivity cycles’ in French regions that ‘remove one or other member of the family from the land for a long period’ (Mayaud 1999). The scale of these migrations has increased over the past two decades due to, on the one hand, agrarian crises and, on the other, the globalization of trade, transport and communications. This phenomenon has led to a spurt in scientific research on the subject in recent years. Since the early 1990s, several studies have focused on the increase in regional and international labour migrations, and on the multi-territorialization of rural activity systems, which show strong links...


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