First Reflections On Cognizing Subjectivity, Motivated by Sophistic Skepticism

  • Edmund Husserl
Part of the Husserliana: Edmund Husserl – Collected Works book series (HUCO, volume 14)


At the close of the last lecture I began to speak of the fact that while the researches of Platonic dialectics—those radical methodological reflections—did indeed issue in a logic, in a scientific doctrine of method, this logic, due to its one-sidedness, by no means realized the intended idea of a fully sufficient doctrine of method and of a philosophy brought into effect by it, a philosophy in the Platonic sense. What I characterized as one-sidedness was the fact that this logic never attained a scientific theorization of that thematic level which is designated by the correlate-pair “truth” and “true being” and, more generally still, “judgment” (significance of a proposition) and “object of judgment.”


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