Convolving Shell Sensors and Actuators Applied to Rings

  • Hornsen (HS) TzouEmail author
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 247)


In this chapter, generic distributed piezoelectric shell convolving sensors and actuators were proposed and detailed electromechanical behaviors (sensor and actuator electromechanics) were analyzed. It was observed that the sensor output is contributed by membrane strains and bending strains experienced in the sensor layer. Two sensor sensitivities: 1) a transverse modal sensitivity and 2) a membrane modal sensitivity can be defined accordingly. In general, the transverse modal sensitivity is defined for out-of-plane transverse natural modes and the membrane modal sensitivity for in-plane natural modes. Proper design of distributed sensor shape and convolution can provide modal filtering to prevent observation spillover in distributed structural control systems.


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