Multi-layered Shell Actuators

  • Hornsen (HS) TzouEmail author
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 247)


In this chapter, a theoretical development of a multi-layered thin shell distributed actuator is presented. The distributed actuator layers can be made of electromechanical sensitive materials which respond to externally supplied voltages and generate local control forces for active distributed vibration controls. Based on the assumptions, dynamic equations for the generic multi-layered thin shell actuator (with distributed control layers) were developed using Kirchhoff-Love’s theory and Hamilton’s principle. The system equations are generic and can be simplified to apply to many other common geometries and structures, such as plates (e.g., circular or rectangular), other conventional shells (e.g., cylindrical shell, spheres), beams, etc. The common geometries can be defined by the fundamental form, Lamé parameters, radii of curvatures, etc. It should be noted that the deformations resulting from transverse shears and rotatory inertias were neglected in the derivations.


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