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The Wolio language is spoken on the south-west coast of the isle of Buton, south-east of Celebes, by the inhabitants of the capital Baubau, the residence of the Sultan Kota Wolio (a little landinward from Baubau), two villages south of Baubau : Meomeo and Bonebone, and five villages north of Baubau : Kadolomoko, Kadolokatapi, Waruruma, and Bungi. Besides it is spoken by the inhabitants of Tolandona, on the east coast of the isle of Muna, and the isle commonly known as Pulau Makasar (Wolio: Liwuto Makasn)1) lying between Muna and Buton. On the northern border of the language area there are two villages where Munanese is spoken as well as Wolio: Lowulowu (on Buton) and Baruta (on Muna).


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