Bromelin, papain, ficin and trypsin have been used with several different antibodies in pig red cell typing. Ficin and trypsin have proved unreliable since both enzymes readily produce non-specific reactions. Bromelin and papain are far more satisfactory. A one stage bromelin test parallels results obtained by the standard agglutination test with all antibodies tested in the E and L systems. Papainised red cells give quicker, clearer and stronger positives at lower dilutions of antibody than untreated cells in both haemolytic and indirect Coombs tests. In some cases a two stage papain test can be used instead of the standard antiglobulin test.

In some mixed antisera, enzyme tests can be used to differentiate between antibodies present.

Enzymes cannot be used when red cells have been collected in cyanide-containing anticoagulants and the best results are obtained when cells are tested within seven days of collection.


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