Globulin Allotyping in Pigs Using Iso-precipitins

  • B. G. Lang


Iso-immune precipitins have been produced using a water-oil-water (WOW) type of emulsion adjuvant incorporating whole pig serum. The reactions are demonstrated by double diffusion (Ouchterlony) tests on microscope slides.

The characteristics of the antibodies and antigens involved have been analysed using immuno-electrophoresis (I.E.), specific staining techniques, exclusion chromatography (molecular sieving) and ion exchange fractionation techniques. Antigens have been demonstrated with α, β and γ mobilities, and to date they all fractionate in the middle (7S) peak” of Sephadex G200. The γ characteristic fractionates as IgG on anion exchange chromatography and demonstrate IgG identity in other ways.


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  • B. G. Lang
    • 1
  1. 1.Blood Group Research Unit, Veterinary Field StationRoyal (Dick) School of Veterinary StudiesMidlothianGreat Britain

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