Studies on Blood Groups in Wild Boar

  • I. Wiatroszak


Studies were carried out on 488 wild boars from Wielkopolska Province. The blood cell antigens of these boars were determined using 36 pig test sera belonging to 12 blood group systems. Very distinct differences in blood cell antigen structure were found between the wild boar and the domestic pig, especially in blood group systems A, F and G. The blood samples from 82.17 per cent of the tested wild boars gave positive reaction with test serum anti-A, but none of the tested individuals reacted positively with test sera anti-Fa or anti-Gb.

Comparison of the results obtained with those of Buschmann (1965) shows great similarity in blood antigenic structure of wild boars in Poland and in G.F.R. Statistically significant differences were found only in the number of animals reacting positively to test sera anti-A, anti-Ef and anti-La.


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  • I. Wiatroszak
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  1. 1.Department of Animal Husbandry, Laboratory of Research in Animal Blood GroupsCollege of Agriculture in PoznańPoznańPoland

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