Albumins, Transferrins, Serum Amylase and Blood Groups in Bulgarian Water Buffalo

  • Ts. Makaveyev


Serum samples of 150 Bulgarian native Water buffalo cows, Indian buffalo (Murah) and crosses between them were studied by starch gel electrophoresis.

It was established that Water buffaloes have characteristic genetic polymorphism of serum albumins, transferrins and amylases.

Buffalo albumins show three phenotypes-AlbAA, AlbBB and AlbAB. The system is controlled by two alleles-AlbA and AlbB.

Buffalo transferrins show three phenotypes-TfBB, TfCC and TfBC. The system is controlled by two alleles-TfB and TfC.

Buffalo amylases also show three phenotypes-AmAA, AmBB and AmAB. The system is controlled by two alleles-AmA and AmB.

The presence of certain antigens on the erythrocytes of Water buffalo have been established by means of cattle reagents.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ts. Makaveyev
    • 1
  1. 1.Agricultural Research Institute “Obraztsov Chiflik”RousseBulgaria

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