Immunoelectrophoretical Study on Seminal Plasma and Spermatozoa from Bulls

  • L. Veselský


By means of Immunoelectrophoresis we have observed the formation of antibodies and immunoelectrophoretic differences between spermatozoa and seminal plasma of bulls and the corresponding antibodies. We have found that bull seminal plasma forms with rabbit antiserum against seminal plasma a precipitation arc which passes through the β1 region and reaches the albumin region, further three arcs passing through the β1 region and reaching the α1 region and then one arc which is placed in the β1 region and reaches region α2 and yet another one which may be found in the β2 region. Ejaculated bull spermatozoa form with rabbit antiserum against ejaculated spermatozoa a continuous arc from the antigen reservoir up to the albumin region. This continuous arc, however, splits in the α1 and albumin regions. Another precipitation arc is formed in region β1. Ampullar spermatozoa of bulls form with rabbit antiserum against ampullar spermatozoa similar reactions. Spermatozoa from the tail of the epididymis of bulls form with rabbit antiserum against spermatozoa from the tail of the epididymis a precipitation arc which is continuous up to the α1 region only. Another arc is formed in region β1. Cross reactions between individual antigens were also investigated and their reciprocal immunological relationship was detected.


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  • L. Veselský
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Physiology and GeneticsCzechoslovak Academy of SciencesLiběchovCzechoslovakia

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