Comparative Tests for Obtaining Isoantibodies Against Cattle Erythrocytes

  • V. Dikov


In this preliminary report we give the results of a comparative test for obtaining isoantibodies against erythrocytes in the blood serum and in the milk of immunized cows. Seven cows of the Sofia Brown breed were involved. The immunization was carried out with titrated whole blood. The animals were injected intramuscularly at weekly intervals, in amounts of 2 ml. blood per 100 kg. live weight. A cross reaction prior to immunization was done for checking the biological compatibility between donors and recipients. Moreover, prior to each of the following injections both the blood serum and the milk of the recipients were checked for the presence of isoantibodies. The haemolytic test was used for this purpose.

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  • V. Dikov
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  1. 1.Institute of Biology and Pathology of Animal ReproductionSofiaBulgarian

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