Blood Group Studies in Horses

  • D. O. Schmid


In our investigations of the antigen structure of horse red blood cells, since two years we are looking for isoimmune antibodies and normal antibodies in a greater number of isoimmune sera, which we found when immunizing the horses with blood of other horses and in a greater number of sera of not immunized horses (Schmid and Erhard 1962). In three immunization periods 45 horses at the Bavarian horse-breeding station Schwaiganger were immunized. 63 first-immunizations, 16 reimmunizations and 3 repeated reimmunizations in 32 horses of Southern-German “Kaltblut”, 11 Haflinger-horses and 2 Rottaler-horses were made.


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  • D. O. Schmid
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  1. 1.Institute for Animal Blood Group ResearchLivestock Breeding Research OrganizationMunichGermany

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