A Study of Blood Groups in Pigs

  • P. Imlah


Autosomal linkage between genes for red cell groups and other marker genes has been widely investigated in man. None of these investigations have revealed linkage between serum protein markers and genes for the red cell groups. Linnet-Jepson et al. (1958) showed independent segregation of the genes controlling haptoglobin, Gm groups and red cell blood groups: ABO., MNS., Rh., P, Lewis, Lutheran and Duffy. Smithies and Hiller (1959) also found independent segregation of genes at the transferrin and haptoglobin loci, and the red cell blood groups; ARO., MNS., P and Rh.


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  • P. Imlah
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  1. 1.Blood Group Research UnitRoyal School of Veterinary StudiesEdinburghUK

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