Coronae & Outflows from Helical Dynamos, Compatibility with the MRI, and Application to Protostellar Disks

  • Eric G. Blackman
  • Jonathan C. Tan


Magnetically mediated disk outflows are a leading paradigm to explain winds and jets in a variety of astrophysical sources, but where do the fields come from? Since accretion of mean magnetic flux may be disfavored in a thin turbulent disk, and only fields generated with sufficiently large scale can escape before being shredded by turbulence, in situ field production is desirable. Nonlinear helical inverse dynamo theory can provide the desired fields for coronae and outflows. We discuss the implications for contemporary protostellar disks, where the (magneto-rotational instability (MRI)) can drive turbulence in the inner regions, and primordial protostellar disks, where gravitational instability drives the turbulence. We emphasize that helical dynamos are compatible with the magneto-rotational instability, and clarify the relationship between the two.


outflows dynamos accretion disk magnetic fields primordial protstars 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Eric G. Blackman
    • 1
  • Jonathan C. Tan
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Physics & AstronomyUniversity of RochesterRochesterUSA
  2. 2.Princeton University ObservatoryPrincetonUSA

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