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The word ‘cosmology’ has tended to fall into disrepute and one who revives it may also. But having reached this point in this book, the risk must be taken even though the fad in philosophic thought today is against it. ‘Metaphysics’ has been branded as vicious apriorism that was sheer speculation because of a simpleminded ignorance of the original work of the great metaphysicians. Whatever the cosmologies of Hegel or Whitehead may have of intrinsic truth or error, it is simply not the case that they developed these as sheer unrelated constructions. Any cursory examination of Hegel’s writings will show an exceeding abundance of references to the science and knowledge of the day and as for Whitehead’s work, Whitehead’s reputation as a scientist precludes the necessity of further comment. In our day, even the lesser cosmologists have based their constructions on an acquaintance at least with the various sciences.


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