The Maxims in the Confessions du Comte de***

  • Bette Gross Silverblatt
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Duclos’ second novel, the Confessions du Comte de***, published in 1741, is a very different fictional work from the Histoire de Madame de Luz, and the maxims of this novel will be seen to change in several aspects of their nature and their role. The novel was extremely popular in the eighteenth century, as was mentioned in the first chapter of our study, and was the subject of much discussion in its time. Voltaire’s comments are perhaps typical:

Ce n’est qu’un journal de bonnes fortunes, une histoire sans suite, un roman sans intrigue, un ouvrage qui ne laisse rien dans l’esprit et qu’on oublie comme le héros oublie ses maîtresses. Cependant je conçois que le naturel et la vivacité du style et surtout le fond du sujet aient réjoui les jeunes et les vieilles.1


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