In vivo studies on the influence of antigen induced joint inflammation on patellar hyaline articular cartilage

  • W. B. Van Den Berg
  • M. W. M. Kruijsen
  • L. B. A. Van De Putte
Part of the Inflammation: Mechanisms and Treatment book series (FTIN, volume 4)


Loss of articular cartilage is a major complication of chronic joint inflammation, leading to joint dysfunction and deformity. Enzymatic degradation of proteoglycans1 and collagen2 is currently thought to play an important role in cartilage destruction. Recent data have also implicated altered chondrocyte function as a possible contributing factor, since cartilage slices from rabbits with antigen induced arthritis were shown to have a decreased rate of proteoglycan synthesis in vitro 3. Whether this inhibition of the synthetic capacity of articular chondrocytes also occurs in vivo and contributes to loss of hyaline articular cartilage remains to be verified.


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  • M. W. M. Kruijsen
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  • L. B. A. Van De Putte
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