Specificity of glucocorticoid inhibition of synovial prostaglandin synthesis

  • R. M. McMillan
  • Constance E. Brinckerhoff
  • Edward D. HarrisJr.
Part of the Inflammation: Mechanisms and Treatment book series (FTIN, volume 4)


Inhibition of prostaglandin (PG) synthesis contributes to the antiinflammatory activity of a number of anti-rheumatic compounds. Inhibition of PG synthesis by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. aspirin, indomethacin) has been observed in experiments with cell-free preparations of PG synthase as well as in intact tissues and cells1–3. These agents appear to act primarily by blocking the enzyme cylo-oxygenase which catalyses the initial step in synthesis of PGs from their fatty acid precursor, arachidonic acid4.


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