Lymphocyte responsiveness in acute and convalescent infectious mononucleosis (Abstract)

  • A. G. Bird
  • S. Britton
Part of the Inflammation: Mechanisms and Treatment book series (FTIN, volume 4)


We have examined the ability of human peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with acute infectious mononucleosis to mount an in vitro response to various mitogens. Antibody synthesis and secretion was analysed by use of a reversed plaque assay using staphylococcal protein-A coated sheep erythrocytes as target erythrocytes. The use of class specific antiimmunoglobulin developing sera allows detection of Ig class specific plaque forming cells. Unresponsiveness to pokeweed mitogen is a prolonged effect and recovery takes up to 12 weeks. The lack of T helper function detected, mirrors the already described unresponsiveness of mononucleosis T cells to T mitogens, as assessed by DNA synthesis.

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  • A. G. Bird
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