Effects of Bombesin on Gastric Emptying of Solids in Normal and Antrectomized Subjects: Evidence for an Action at the Distal Stomach

  • C. Scarpignato
  • B. Micali
  • V. Albanese
  • G. Bertaccini


Intravenous infusion of bombesin produces a wide variety of actions in mammals. These concern gastrointestinal motility and secretions as well as numerous extra-gastrointestinal effects. Its activity on gut motility is quite peculiar,including a predominantly stimulatory effect in the in vitro preparations and a predominantly inhibitory effect in the in vivo experiments (for review see 1). An exception was represented by the antrum and the pylorus which were always contracted by the peptide in all the species examined.


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  • C. Scarpignato
  • B. Micali
  • V. Albanese
  • G. Bertaccini

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