Commission de la Lune

  • Luboš Perek
Conference paper
Part of the International Astronomical Union Transactions book series (IAUT, volume 13B)


The President opened the meeting with a few preliminary announcements. The President proposed that Miss B. Middlehurst act as secretary during the XIIIth General Assembly. Ten new members have been proposed for Commission 17. Dr O. Günther retires. Two sessions would be held for consideration of lunar nomenclature for the far side by a working group under the chairmanship of Dr Z. Kopal. On August 26, invited papers and reports on the results of the Surveyors I, II, and III, Orbiters I through IV, and Zond 3 would be given in a meeting open to all Congress participants. A joint session with Commissions 16 and 40 was scheduled for Monday, August 28th under the chairmanship of G. Pettengill to report on radar and radiometric observations of the Moon and planets. The sessions of August 29 and 30 were to be devoted to papers; titles are given below. An additional meeting devoted to lunar transient events was called for August 25. The President then stepped down and the chair was taken by Dr Kopal for the remainder of the meeting for discussion of lunar nomenclature.


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