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The recommendations of the Xth Plenary Assembly of the International Radio Consultative Committee, Geneva 1963 (Rec. 374) were further modified at the Study Group VII Interim meeting (Monte Carlo 1965) and the XIth Plenary Assembly (Oslo 1966). The effect of the modifications has been to clarify the recommended system u.t.c. (annual offset, plus time adjustments when necessary) and to place responsibility for co-ordination on the Bureau International de l’Heure. In addition, the Oslo recommendation (Doc. VII/1012) makes formal provision for emissions with zero carrier offset but with the rate of the time signals offset, and co-ordinated with those mentioned above; also for experimental emissions in which both the; carrier and the rate of the time signals is not offset. In the latter case time adjustments should also be co-ordinated by the BIH.


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