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Telos and Technique: Models as Modes of Action

  • Marx W. Wartofsky
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 48)


There is something hopelessly desperate about attempting to find a radically new departure for talking or thinking about the future. At times, it seems a phantasmagorical task, fit for Sisyphus, of finding the key for a lock whose shape is itself vague and indeterminate. We are burdened with the consciousness of our vast achivements, of our apparently limitless technological prospects, of the grim optimism assuring us that whatever we undertake will somehow and at some time be effected. Together with this, we are haunted by the history of moral and political failure, by that vision of the servant become master or of a technology, blind and soulless, which works us to its own dialectic processes and whose rationales we are expedient enough to parade as if these were our own choices and our own ideologies.


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