Thermosetting Resins for Reinforced Plastics

  • G. Pritchard
Part of the The Development Series book series (POLS, volume 30)


The resins used in the reinforced plastics industry are mainly of the thermo- setting variety. This means that processing and fabrication operations are accompanied by chemical crosslinking reactions, which make the production of moulded objects less straightforward than is the case for thermoplastics. However, many of the desirable physical and thermomechanical properties of thermosetting resins derive from their crosslinked structure.

Various classes of resin are discussed in brief outline. The common feature of these resins, their three-dimensional network structure, renders analysis and characterisation difficult, but new physical and chemical techniques are helping polymer scientists to achieve a better understanding of resin structure and properties. These techniques, together with other technical advances, for example in processing technology, will be important in determining the future of thermosetting resins.


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