Astronomical Telegrams

  • J. Hers
  • B. G. Marsden
Part of the Transactions of the International Astronomical Union book series (IAUT)


The Commission has been fortunate in being able to continue its work during the last triennium with a minimum of effort, and thanks for this should go largely to the Director of the Bureau, Dr B. G. Marsden, for his untiring dedication, as well as to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for its general support. If any question has arisen, it was where the line should be drawn between paid and unpaid contributions to the Circulars. This involves a somewhat delicate balance of interests between, on the one hand, the encouragement given to certain types of observations which have traditionally been published in the Circulars, (e.g. accurate positions of comets), and, on the other, the income on which the continued successful operation of the Bureau depends. The position will therefore have to be kept under review at all times. At present all evidence points to general satisfaction with current policy.

Telegrammes Astronomiques

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  • J. Hers
  • B. G. Marsden

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