Analysis of the Human Cell Surface by Somatic Cell Genetics

  • Alan Tunnacliffe
  • Peter Goodfellow
Part of the Receptors and Recognition book series (RERE, volume 16)


Genetic analysis using classical Mendelian techniques suffers from several drawbacks when applied to Homo sapiens. First, humans have a long generation period. Second, because of personal choice in mating, laudable ethical constraints on experimenters and small family sizes, matings are frequently less informative than would be the case for experimental animals. Third, the paucity of genetic markers present at polymorphic levels (i.e. greater than 1%) in human populations also limits Mendelian analysis (however, the recent introduction of restriction fragment polymorphisms is beginning to obviate this last limitation). The solution to these problems was the introduction of somatic cell genetic analysis using human-rodent hybrids.


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