Observations on Inflammatory Bowel Disease – 1985: Present Status and Future Prospects

  • J. B. Kirsner
Part of the Developments in Gastroenterology book series (DIGA, volume 8)


One hundred and twenty-five years have passed since Samuel Wilks of England in 1859 first described ulcerative colitis and probably also Crohn’s disease of the small bowel (inflammatory bowel disease - IBD). While studied in a few medical centers during this period, IBD has attracted worldwide attention only in recent years. The Second International Symposium on IBD, held in Jerusalem, September 9–11, 1985, is the latest such meeting, the previous one having been held in September 1981. Despite the increased clinical and investigative interest, the etiology and the pathogenesis of IBD remain obscure. Medical treatment continues to be largely empirical. Surgical techniques have improved, but ablative procedures, no matter how necessary or skilled, hardly represent the ideal solution.


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