The effects of veterinary drugs based on humic acids in the treatment of enteritis in young animals

  • S. Golbs
  • M. Kuehnert
  • V. Fuchs


The breeding of young pigs and cattle presents a number of difficulties due to an increased occurrence of diseases, especially those of the gastrointestinal tract — for example, in calves and piglets — in conventional as well as industrial circumstances.

In the German Democratic Republic humic acids have been used for more than 15 years as agents for the therapy, prophylaxis and metaphylaxis of infectious and non-infectious gastrointestinal diseases (particu1ar1y in pigs and ruminants). In these clinical cases the chemical, biochemical and physicochemical properties, as well as their broad spectrum of pharmacological effects, are utilized.

Experiments on laboratory animals and clinical tests in practice showed that humic acids are a valuable supplement to the present conventional therapeutic methods against enteritis of calves, pigs and several species of zoo animals.


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  • S. Golbs
  • M. Kuehnert
  • V. Fuchs

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