Modelling and Design of Photochemical Reactors for Water Purification

  • P. L. Yue
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 237)


The removal of low levels of organic pollutants is an important problem in water treatment as well as ultrapure water production plants. Photo-oxidation or photo-transformation can play a unique role in water purification. The modelling of the kinetics of selected photochemical reactions in which ultraviolet light energy is combined with hydrogen peroxide or ozone is briefly reviewed. Both routes lead to the formation of reactive hydroxyl radicals which are capable of oxidising ‘refractory’ intermediates and a wide range of organics. The modelling and design of photoreactors for water purification by the the UV/peroxide and UV/ozone synergistic routes must take into account the analysis of the radiation field in the gas-liquid heterogeneous medium. Much fundamental and applied research on reaction kinetics, reactor modelling, design and optimisation are still required if the photochemical processes are to be exploited.


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  • P. L. Yue
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  1. 1.School of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of BathClaverton Down BathUK

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