Radiation and Structure of the Solar Atmosphere

  • M. Kuperus
  • J. Harvey
Part of the International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUT)


Solar Physics has been traditionally divided into Structure and Radiation of the Solar Atmosphere (commission 12) and Solar Activity (commission 10). There has been increasing evidence that solar activity, which is basically of magnetic origin, occurs on a great variety of scales and thus immediately touches upon the structure of the solar atmosphere as well as the structure and dynamics of the convection zone. As a consequence progress in the field of origin and evolution of solar magnetic fields from a large scale, ‘the dynamo’, to small scale is included in this report. In the past few years particular attention has been paid to the fact that the fluctuations in the magnetic field are much larger than the mean field and that the dynamo modes may be stochastically excited. The question whether there is a magnetic reservoir at the bottom of the convection zone still remains to be resolved. The interaction of the convection and the magnetic field resulting in an enhancement of the magnetic field in the intergranular lanes is studied by numerical modelling.

Radiation et Structure de l’atmosphere Solaire


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